The UK leading supplier of ultra-fast curing methyl methacrylate industrial resin flooring and car park decking solutions, Degafloor Ltd, announces the introduction of an innovative eco-friendly cleaning product, which is ideal for a whole spectrum of surfaces.

Degafloor Eco-Clean is a multi-purpose disinfectant cleaner where the unique combination of active ingredients effectively cleans a wide range of soiling on various surfaces, including all types of industrial resin flooring. It utilises the chemical process micriolysis whereby the active agents penetrate through dirt to remove it totally, regardless of the surface type.

Due to its advanced sustainable NANO technology, this highly dilutable product can be safely used on plastic, wood, ceramic, glass, rubber, concrete, metal, vinyl and safety floors, cladding, and uPVC, making it the ideal choice for environments such as commercial kitchens, healthcare settings, food and drink production facilities, pubs, clubs, and all other areas where health and safety are paramount. 

Degafloor Eco-Clean is available in 5L and 20L containers and can be ordered from 

Degafloor anti-slip flooring promotes shopping without dropping…

Kilkenny’s leading commercial and residential development, MacDonagh Junction, which includes leading Irish and International retailers, luxury apartments, chic office buildings, swanky restaurants, and a wide array of leisure facilities, has fast become a popular destination for many.

Recently, the centre’s project managers commissioned industrial flooring specialists Larsen Contracts to recommend and install a floor finish to enhance slip resistance in key interface areas between the main centre and car parks.

Having completed a thorough site survey and carefully considered all client requirements, Larsen Contracts specified the innovative Degafloor FB system.  Based on highly advanced MMA resin technology, the FB system offers outstanding durability and slip resistance, even in the most challenging conditions, and cures within just two hours of installation, which translates into minimal, if any, disruption to business operations.

Before work commenced, pedestrian areas were cordoned off, doorways to the main shopping centre were sealed and glass panels were protected. The application of the system involved diamond grinding the existing tiled surfaces, before the application of a specialist etching primer. The main body coat layer was then installed and broadcast fully with a unique blend of coloured quartz that closely matched the tiled finish within the main shopping area.  Once the body coat had cured and the excess quartz was removed, the final seal coat was laid.  The entire 220 sqm were completed overnight and handed back to the client ready for full use by 9AM the following morning.

The client was delighted with the excellent level of service they received from Larsen Contracts. The look and functionality of the new flooring finish, which delivers superior performance and slip resistance along with stunning aesthetics, fully complements the modern feel of this popular shopping centre and customer feedback has been extremely positive.  

Degafloor parking at Bromley-by-Bow

In April 2016, a development of brand new homes, commercial space, and improved riverside walkways, was carried out in Hancock Road, Bromley-by-Bow, on the southern fringes of the Olympic Park. The project involved construction of 219 apartments with 2 floors of commercial space and underground basement parking.

It was important for the car park to not only complement the modern look and feel of the new upmarket development, but also to provide a safe, practical, and sustainable solution to all users. 

To choose the best possible product, the main contractors commissioned structural waterproofing and concrete repair specialists Cemplas, to offer advice and install the most optimal finish.

The car park needed to be completed within 3 days from start to finish to meet the project handover timeframe, so having thoroughly considered all requirements and objectives, Cemplas chose an ultra-fast curing Degafloorramp system and subsequently 200m2 of Degafloor CP HD was installed to the main access ramp.

Degafloor CP HD is a heavy duty liquid applied waterproofing and surfacing solution designed specifically to handle the unique demands of ramps and turning circles where enhanced grip is required and where ‘wheel scrubbing’ can result in rapid wear or failure of standard systems. Based on ultra-fast curing methyl methacrylate resin technology, the Degafloor CP HD system can be installed rapidly and achieves full physical and chemical cure within just one hour of installation.

The existing ramp was very rough and Cemplas were able to provide a much smoother, more aesthetically pleasing finish using Degafloor CP HD. The installation was completed well within the specified timeframe and the client was extremely pleased with the new finish. 

How to choose a good resin flooring installer?

Clearly positive 'word of mouth' is often the best method, especially if the recommendation comes from someone you know well and trust.  However, if you don't have this luxury, then some research will be required.
If you go to Google and type ’resin flooring installer’ or ‘resin flooring’ you will probably be amazed, and dismayed, at the sheer number of results.  Accordingly, selecting a suitable installer for your project can be a bit of a minefield.  However, there are a few simple checks that will help narrow down the search and point you in the direction of appointing an installer with all the right credentials to deliver a high quality floor.
The first check we always recommend is online business verification.  Do the companies being considered have an online presence (most credible companies will have either an established website or social media presence, and many have both)?  How long has each business been trading ( is a good source of information)?   Whilst these points are not definitive, they do help to ascertain the potential size and experience level each company may have.
Having checked online and probably discounted some of the companies being considered, the next thing to do is call each of the remaining companies to find out if they are members of industry recognised schemes (e.g. FeRFA – The Resin Flooring Association), health and safety schemes (e.g. SAFE ContractorCHAS) and if they are approved installers for any specific manufacturer (including written confirmation and certificates for training courses attended).  I would also ask if they have completed similar projects.  These calls may also allow you to ascertain the level of professionalism, confidence and experience of each business.  They will certainly help you discount some as unsuitable.
By this stage, your shortlist is hopefully down to no more than 5 businesses.  It is now time to invite them to your premises so that they can complete a survey on which they can base a quotation.  These visits provide a great opportunity to further assess each potential installer.  There are a number of basic questions they should be asking, all of which should be aimed at ascertaining your needs (and performance requirements), the environment and conditions in which the floor will be installed and any constraints that could exist.   A list of the questions you might expect is detailed within BS8204-6 and within sections 3.2 and 3.3 of the FeRFA Guide to the Specification and Application of Synthetic Resin Flooring (
Now that you have allowed a select few installers into your premises in order for them to provide a quotation, their performance will enable you to complete some final checks before making a decision whom to use.  It is recommended to consider;
  • How quickly the quotation returned (a sign of professionalism and responsiveness)
  • How accurate and detailed are the quotation contents?
  • Does the quotation define the system on which the quotation is based ?
  • Is it clear about the associated impact on your business / home in terms of the time it will take to complete the installation and how long the floor will take to cure before it can be put into FULL use?
  • Does it detail the full scope of works?
  • Are clear terms and conditions included?
  • Does it define the type and length of warranty that will be provided?
Having reviewed the quotations, you are hopefully now in a position to decide.  If not, and if the size of the project merits it, why not ask to view one or two similar installations.  This will hopefully provide the final peace of mind required.

Veitchi provides stunning new floor for Motorrad Central.

Motorrad Central Scotland is the official authorised BMW motorcycle retailer for Edinburgh and the surrounding area.  Run by a team of dedicated motorcyclists, the business also provides parts and accessories, expert advice and excellent customer service, making it a popular ‘go-to’ destination for bike enthusiasts.
In line with the company’s continuous development strategy and to maintain the highest standards, a decision was made to revamp the motorbike display area and replace the old epoxy resin and tiled floor finish with a stunning new finish that would complement the contemporary look and feel of the showroom.
To help choose the best new solution, Motorrad Central’s management team called upon the services of Veitchi Industrial Flooring Ltd of Rutherglen.  Veitchi specialises in industrial and commercial installations for a wide range of market sectors, so were ideally placed to assist with the project.

Following a thorough inspection of the site, Veitchi’s recommendation was to use a system that could easily fulfil a blend of requirements, including longevity, safety, and visual appeal. Subsequently, a sample of ultra-fast curing Degafloor QT resin flooring was supplied and approved, allowing Motorrad Central to instruct Veitchi to commence the works.

The installation team first had to remove existing epoxy coating and tiles and then repair the substrate to create a level and sound finish.  Having completed all necessary preparation works, Veitchi installed 170 sqm of the Degafloor QT system with a polybead seal coat to a colour blend unique to the project.  The finish combines aesthetics, safety, and exceptional durability.
Upon completion Motorrad were delighted not only with the properties of ultra fast curing Degafloor QT system, but also with the overall service and support the company has received from Veitchi and Degafloor.